Sunday, February 12, 2012

Too many crafts, too little time...

Hi All!

Started about 10 little projects today and finished 3. It happens.

Let's talk about Mod Podge. Personally, I love it using fabric. I had some left over ceramic tiles from an old project, and I needed coasters that matched my bedroom. Old scrap fabric + old tiles = free. LOVE IT.

 It was much easier to do opposite sides rather than adjacent. I was able to pull the fabric taught. It made the whole thing look cleaner. 
 Hot glue that guy.
 Generously, but evenly coat with Mod Podge (a gift from above). Then give the little guys some time to dry.

Finish it off with your felt circles so the furniture doesn't get scratched. TA-DA. 

So cheap. So easy. I made three, but I would probably make a set of 5 to do as a gift or sell. It just worked for my room. 

I'm thinking I might add some embellishments to the sides if I get bored. We shall see!

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