Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crafting Depression

I suppose everyone goes through it at some point. You decide to make something with this grand vision of how the overall product will look. It's perfect in your head.

Then you start making it. Halfway through, you realize there is no hope for said craft, and you feel horrible. Then, after realizing you aren't creative enough to save the craft and turn it into something else, you hit rock bottom.

That was me. Yesterday.
Behold, my crafting fail:
I hate it. It was supposed to be a jute wreath with nice white tissue paper flowers. Nothing fancy, and certainly not difficult.

But I had to be cheap. I bough electrical insulation in attempt to save some $$. Now, I have a shrimpy wreath base. OH, I just hate it. I have racked my brain for other things I can do with it, but I've hit that rock bottom place.

So, there it sits, hanging on my craft room door knob, reminding me that it's a sad, unfinished project.

Surely you have all felt this at some point? I can't be alone in this?!

I've researched the issue, and next time, I'll be using batting and tulle to add puffiness. I'll continue to mourn over the lost jute until then.

Silver lining: in researching better ways to create the wreath, I came across this. Thank you, Hobby Lobby.

I'm going to leave yarn wreath making to the professionals. Speaking off, check out my friend, Tiffany and her work!

I've really got to hurry up with making the inventory for the shop and get it rolling. I am excited about sharing handmade goodies with everyone, but it is a bit of an undertaking!

It's been a long day, which translates to a short night. Tomorrow will be better, for life in general, and finding something good to work on!

Night, sweet friends!

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